Transform Your Life and Relationships


As a natural encourager, I am committed to helping individuals become empowered to improve their lives and overcome personal hardships.   In my life, I have overcome many challenges.  I know what it is like to struggle with low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and fear, as well as, living with life-altering disabilities.  You do not have to be controlled by emotional pain or trauma from the past.  Neither do you have to accept a life that is not fulfilling.  Let me help you grow in ways that will lead you to become stronger, more capable and satisfied with yourself and your relationships.


As a parent, I have found that the teenage years can be the most rewarding time with your kids.  It is a time of challenges and adventure.  Many things that our teens go through are predictable, but the teenage years are also full of surprises.  We often find ourselves battling between holding on and letting go of our beloved children and our teens battle with the same thing.  Our world creates unique challenges for our kids, as well.  Today’s pressures and temptations can influence our teens to make poor choices that often cause them to be overwhelmed.  We want to help our kids get through these years.  Having an unbiased ally can make a difference for both you and your teen.

Couples and Families

Family dynamics are developed by family history.  We often relate to our spouses the way our parents related to each other.  We naturally tend to raise our children the way our parents raised us.  Many times we are not fully aware of how the family we grew up with, effects how we build our marriages and families today.  Also, our fast-paced world is putting more and more pressures on the family.  Learning to be purposeful about staying connected to each other can lead to a more positive family structure and loving harmony.

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