Live Your Best Life

Effective counseling begins with an honest, accepting relationship with someone who can help you accurately see and understand what you are experiencing. 


  • What is keeping you from living the life you want?

  • Are fears limiting your effectiveness? 

  • Is trauma from your past stealing the joy from your present?

  • Do you feel like something is holding you back?

  • Don’t settle for an unsatisfying life!



I will work with you to help you gain a clearer perspective of your experiences and circumstances.  As you develop your strengths and begin to use your true authentic voice, you will find the freedom and courage to make real changes in your life and relationships.

You can become the person you what to be!  You can find the power to make positive things happen in your life.  Take the time to focus on yourself, now.  It will be the best gift you can give to yourself and the people you care most about.   


Call me at 916.520.4048  for a no-cost phone consultation.